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Why Boxing Packs Such a Huge Cardio Punch

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

You may have noticed when walking past the personal training section at your gym that trainers are utilizing boxing pads and mitts with their clients. No, people aren't preparing for MMA and boxing tournaments. Fitness boxing is actually excellent for aerobic and strength training mostly because it includes the benefits of the sport with out the risk.

We have witnessed the agility and athleticism of those who train to get in the ring. The sculpted upper body and the abdominal muscles have been the envy of onlookers for years until now. Many gyms now offer group classes with choreographed cardio respiratory endurance building formats centered around boxing conditioning.

The benefits of boxing conditioning are as follow:

1. Improved resting heart rate

2. Low impact alternative to high intensity training

3. Increased agility and movement coordination

4. Stimulation for hypertrophy in the back, chest, and arm and abdominal muscles

5. Confidence in ability to survive and protect one's own life

I have trained in boxing and now Muay Thai for 3 years now and I'll say much more goes into fight training than the 3 minute rounds of constant movement. The push ups, oh the push ups. As a woman I had to really mask my dislike for push ups around the boys. If I so much as dropped to my knees for one I was berated like none other.

Men tend to foolhardily aggressive with their training, nonetheless, results for hypertrophy and maximal strength happen very quickly if you are a puny sliver of a soul. Boxers tend to know how to shave weight for matches with opponents in other weight divisions. Not that this type of weight-loss is recommended, but for someone looking for instant gratification a boxing conditioning program will facilitate if the person doesn't give up after the first session.

A trainer will usually give 2 or 5 min rounds and call out moves for the client to execute. Jabs are 1, crosses are 2, hooks are 3, and left upper cut 4, and right upper cut is 5. As in:

1,2, roll 4,5

1,4,3 step around


Though the upper-body and torque in hips are executing the moves, don't for a second think that the feet are still. The point of the shuffling of feet is to keep a moving target from your opponent. That being said, boxing or kick boxing group classes will constantly keep you on your toes literally.

Contact your gym facility to see if they offer a Boxing cardio format.

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