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K E Garland
Navigating the Change

Navigating the Change: A Guide for the Menopausal Journey is an inclusive space designed to affirm all women. Doctors, health and wellness experts, fitness trainers, and chefs offer advice for how women aged 35 and older can live a healthier life. The site includes stories, poetry, and photography to support the pre-, peri-, post-, or menopausal woman. Product reviews are focused on women-centric brands that help ease and comfort menopausal symptoms.


K E Garland, the creative behind Navigating the Change, is an award-wining creative nonfiction writer, blogger, and author based in Florida. She uses personal essays and memoir to de-marginalize women’s experiences with an intent to highlight and humanize specific issues. She has a husband and two adult daughters and is an associate professor at a community college.


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