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Goal Oriented Journals

Setting goals is simply how we progress to the next level. It doesn't have to be a huge goal that advances us, in fact large goals are made up of 100's of smaller goals. Goals or steps to be completed can be as simple as doing the dishes to prepare for a party. As easy as painting our toe nails to work toward managing self-care regimens better.

It is the action that helps us to move forward, however; it is the setting and acknowledgment of completion of the goal that maintains motivation. It's hard to keep motivated when it seems like we are tackling one obstacle after another. Overcoming obstacles is part of the journey of life, obstacles are merely opportunities to show off or learn a new skill.

Writing helps to stimulate the brain in ways our phone calendars cannot. WHILE the act of physically writing stimulates neural activity, it also forces the person to slow down and retain what it is they are writing. It is a form of manifesting so long as positive energy is being put forth into the idea.

My list expanded from 18 Items to 25. It encompasses mostly goals that are specific and detailed. It also has things I know about myself that if I do not have or fix I will become unhappy.

 For example:

10. Provide the resource I need to get the electronic equipment I need to do my business

11. Bring people I can trust to handle important business task

12. Give me a voice and tact to handle employees

So one is a money grab right. But for something specific I need.

The other two are ways to be a good steward of that blessing. I know that I can either have a tongue like a knife or I'll clam up until I'm miserable. So I need an item on the list to be a better version of myself.

The best thing about writing what the needs and desires are is when they have been manifested or used. Lists should be reflected on daily or at least 3x a week. If we write these things down and never look at them, we will miss when there is in fact progress. 

15. Provide the finances I need to have a steady life with children that includes few 8 weeks of vacation per year trips out of the country.

So CMU is closed 4 -8 weeks as is CCAC through out the year and I set my schedule with my business. This is a goal I just realized I obtained.

I make lots of lists pros and cons, likes and dislikes. Try it out in your situation. Just be honest.

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