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Kristen Lippert
Jan 27, 2021
In Remote Training Forum
What is a goal you have achieved in the past? What do you think was the key to your success? This could range from fitness to a relationship or career goal... Let's learn from each other and remember how we have overcome obstacles in life! One goal I enjoyed reaching last winter was planning a beach trip. I found a workshop I wanted to attend that would count toward my continuing education credits (in Florida), then started researching flights. It was hard to find a hotel within our budget, but after I asked my husband to help, he found a good location. I coordinated time off work and enjoyed spending time in the sun right before everything went into lockdown. What made this time successful was being creative and organized with my planning and asking people to support me... Without taking time to research options or telling my husband why it was important for me to take this trip, we may not have been able to enjoy that time together. I have more examples of other types of goals, but I want to hear from you!

Kristen Lippert

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