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Accountability Paying

LegitFit LLC understands the importance of getting the best deal possible. However, the human body is not something cheap for sale nor are the services required to repair it. The investment, which is exactly what personal training and group classes are, must be thoroughly assessed and further must be consistent for a certain amount of time. 


That being said, I would not have seen half of the success I have had with my own body had I paid for every bit of help I had. However, my short cut was to put myself in knowledgeable environments and behave humbly when given advice. If I had to pay $50 a month to work out at a gym where professional lifters and physique competitors worked out at, well that is what I had to do. If I had to pay a trainer for a couple sessions to understand certain mechanics, that is what I did. If I had to purchase a book for reference because I enjoyed it when I got it from the library, I was happy to spend the money. The most inexpensive way to handle this journey is to become certified and take courses to increase understanding. I have invested perhaps $2000 overall in my education as a fitness professional, and still more investments have gone to maintaining appropriate credentials like CPR and AED and business courses to maintain my organization.

Where quality is desired expense is occurred. Yet as a single mother, I believe that this work should be accessible for as long as those who need it are willing.

Discounts offered:

All those interested in a discount with LegitFit LLC must earn their discounts. Discounts are provided as rewards for consistency not as an incentive to sign up. Why?

LegitFit LLC wants bodies. Not customers but bodies that have been healed and transformed. There is never a time where a member will receive discounted knowledge or instruction. Our training philosophy may seem rigid and non-trending but it works because we train to the individual not the masses.

  • 3 consistent purchases and attendance of sessions or classes will earn each member the right to purchase a package.

  • Packages are offered in bundles of 3, 5, and 10 sessions or classes.

  • Newly discounted member are offered  an 11% discount on a package.

  • 6 month members are offered a 15% discount on a package

  • 1 year members are offered a 20% discount on a package


If you are ready to transform, sign up and begin the investment today. Show up and show out and soon your pockets will be rewarded as much as your body.

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