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The Chakra Reset

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Seven days with seven chakras to unlock. It is recommended to do these steps in order. However take the freedom to jump around. Only rule is to start the day with the step of your choice. Taking time to be present with this program will encourage a raw and transformative week. Coming into the oneself and feeling fully free to operate in oneself is the goal for this program. Be aware that you will need ample of alone time to complete the unlocking of the chakras. It is important to be free of outside influence from time to time to truly hear the inner voice. The things that we may tell ourselves can be complicated and as intricate as a tapestry. This doesn't mean we are incapable of finding the answers. Often the most complex thoughts are those that don't need answered. Therefore, be private with your journey and accept the duty of being present. Sharing the experience can be as simple as sharing a scent because it's what you are lighting at the moment. Nothing more, no explanation needed. If the intent is that others experience your joy, that is more than enough to offer in your experience. Be centered during the unlocking. As we center ourselves, often others center around us. Enjoy this journey and message, Lish if you need any help.

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