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Is your technique effective?

"I've been hitting the gym for 3 months straight and haven't seen progress."

"I tried doing balance exercises and just can't get them."

"All I work on is abs so why don't I have any?"

Statements and questions we have all thought or even said aloud. When we have the dedication to the regimen but see no progress, does that mean the regimen is no good? Not at all. In fact, the most valuable tool a trainer or coach should leave a client with is the confidence in the ability to do something correctly.

A squat is a squat is a squat. Squats don't change out of their plane of motion, sagittal. They certainly don't deviate out of a person's range of motion. Squatting is still an important motion in average daily living. Squats don't change because it's not that we squat it is how we squat that makes the difference.

Changing the tempo, amount, and weight of your squatting can create change to the physique. In particular, slowing down the tempo in a Smith Station squat to an 8:8 count, is going to produce a serious burn. Try it

Put bar on back and press into standing position

Lower into squat on the count




4, 5,6,7

Until the hips have completed full range of motion in line with the quads and hamstrings on the 8th count. Then begin to push up slowly finishing with the glutes squeezed tight and shoulders stacked back over hips finishing on the 8th count.

Now do that at least 8 times in a row.

No I'm not sadistic, I promise. It's that type of dedication to the process that reaches success. It's not enough to do it if it isn't done efficiently.

Arguably the most important factor of technique is learning to make the muscles move in the appropriate force couples, and stretching to improve flexibility. A squat will provide the greatest benefit when done correctly as in toes aligned precisely, knees going over 2nd and 3rd toes, back stabilized.

Why add weight to a squat if progress for a body weight squat proved ineffective? Mostly lack of patience. Being result hungry creates an unrealistic goal setting habit. We want to protect our bodies from injury in ordinary life situations. We want to be prepared for and random act of exertion, like moving a couch. When being prepared allows us to do more activities for ourselves, we will indeed look like a person who is strong and has stamina.

Pretty darn good, that's how we'll look.

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