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I did it anyway

Yesterday, I was low motivated to go to the gym. I say low because there wasn't any real obstacle in my way. I had my bus pass. My membership is paid. I had been eating the right foods all day and was hydrated. Time crept by alerting me to my leisure.

I looked at myself in the mirror and thought "Girl you look good, you can skip this one."

But an itch was scratching at my ear and I couldn't ignore it any more. "96."

Last Tuesday I did 96 barbell deadlifts working my way up like this

30lbs kettle bell deadlift 2 sets 10 warm up to 138bpm

65lbs - 2 sets of 20 HR 138-169 bpm

95lbs - 2 sets of 15 HR 148-179 bpm

115lbs - 2 sets of 10 HR 148-182 bpm

135lbs - 2 sets of 8 HR 150-189 bpm

155lbs - 2 sets of 5 HR 150-192 bpm

I've also been working Anderson squats, which I'm showing in the forum and doing other Lish stuff people who share with me on the Apple Watch can see.

I was sore. I haven't been setting the watch to yoga because all day was yoga. In particular, my hamstrings just didn't want to release any tension. I foam rolled, I pressed my fingers into the knots, I stretched, I took a bath, I kept moving to prevent tightness, and I slept. Child did I sleep.

I did all the things I am supposed to do when my body feels those sensations. I also treated my body with as much care as I could during my work out. The difference in HR from start to finish is pretty measured showing I was taking adequate rests. I felt rewarded with that achievement and there was room to grow.

This week's goal was to go up 10 lbs and add 10 reps for deadlifting with the barbell. But I didn't want to go. So I timed my workout so that I could grab a salad, wings, and a drink at my fav bar near the gym. A friend from DC Erica over at Jade Fitness calls this "Detox/retox." I stand by it. A reward system is necessary. To make it a lifestyle, there needs to be yin and yang. Trying to decide if something is a good or bad choice promotes shame. I prefer to base my choice on the history I have with that particular decision.

I have lifted heavier and desire to get back to a 200lb deadlift. I understand from other's anecdotes regarding exercise that going to heavy to soon leads to injury and destroys consistency. I am working with consistency and patience. I ate a variety of foods in my recovery and waited an adequate amount of time to attempt this workout. Garlic parmesan wings and Billy's long island will taste so good afterward

I did it! I went and did my workout and I had my reward. Here's how I worked this set yesterday:

Kettle Bell Swing 35lbs 1 min

65lbs - 2 sets of 20 HR 138-155 bpm

85lbs - 2 sets of 15 HR 140- 165 bpm

115lbs - 2 sets of 10 HR 150-177 bpm

135lbs - 2 sets of 12 HR 150-180 bpm

155lbs - 2 sets of 10 HR 150-188 bpm

165lbs - 2 sets of 5 HR 150-188 bpm

Not only did I push up 10lbs and added nearly 50 reps, but my HR was lower from the last deadlift work out. This means I am adjusting to the activity and my breath exchange is better. This means my resting metabolic rate is working efficiently through out the week after this particular exercise, or I burn more calories just being Lish than I did the week prior.

Talk to me about different types of rewards. What is yin and yang to you?

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