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Drink Up! 5 Tips for Staying Hydrated

We have probably all heard the recommendation to drink eight cups of water every day, and how many of us actually do it? I know I feel better both mentally and physically when I'm hydrated, but sometimes I forget and need a reminder to get what my body needs!

Here are ways I've found to build more healthy fluids into my daily routine:

1. Drink two cups of water first thing in the morning. This makes it easy to approach my hydration goal if it's eight cups, I'm a quarter of the way there. Plus, it gets my system ready to digest breakfast, and helps my mind gear up for the day!

2. Figure out filtration. If you're concerned about old city pipes or contamination, be safe and find something that lets you filter tap water, like a Brita pitcher or an attachment to your sink faucet. Set your home up for clean imbibing and your peace of mind can follow!

3. Buy a water bottle to carry during the day. I've used both stainless steel and BPA-free plastic kinds with great success. Buy one in your favorite color and enjoy the extra happiness it brings!

4. Choose one or two herbal teas to keep in your kitchen. Tea can provide additional benefits for the mind and body, depending on what kind we use and how we time our caffeine intake. Relax with a warm cup in the morning, afternoon or evening!

5. Count soup and milk toward your daily hydration goal. Bone broth, fortified nut milk, your favorite cereal milk, and other mineral-rich liquids give our cells vital nutrients along with the water naturally in them. Check out the recipe section of this site for ideas on integrating this with your meal plan!

Building healthy hydration habits can be as simple or as complicated as we make it. Let's give ourselves a step up in reaching our goals by starting our day with water, being proactive to find and keep clean sources, and getting creative with flavors.

Whether you struggle to drink one cup a day now, or you already have a full tea collection, find one new hydration habit to start today. Your mind and body will be happy you did!

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