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Business as New Normal

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

With the COV-!9 measures taken witht he social distancing, life seems as if it may be coming to a holt. Yet the reality will soon set in that we all have to stay indoors and keep away from one another until this blows over. We will have to construct a "new normal".

Technology has advanced the human race in so many ways, and if this were to happen in any other time perhaps life would have gone astray. That is why at this time health and wellness are incredibly crucial. By keeping the body on a routine and sticking to better dietary choices, we stand a chance at keeping not just our heads but our humanity.

In the next few months there will be plenty we all will learn about ourselves and new habits of discipline will need to develop.

Here are a few tips to help increase body awareness during social distancing:

1. Drink water

Water is such a valuable nutrient to the body. In particular, to avoid binge eating break up every few hundred calories with a glass of water. Water helps to add satiety while keeping the digestive and waste removal systems balanced and moving.

2. Keep a food journal

Now is the perfect time to learn new eating habits and take advantage of free time by bolstering those culinary skills. Where the task of monitoring calorie intake seems mundane and tedius, not it is nearly imperative that you have carefully rationed energy for the day. Try something new and journal your feelings. It's okay to be emotional about food. The reflection alone will be a powerful reward.

3. Keep it moving

While the job may have imposed some restriction on your ability to move during the day, working from home has perks! Drop and do a 1 min plank in between calls, take a lap around the house every half hour, find inspiration online and join virtual classes and sessions. May we all come out of this much more stronger than we went in.

4. Gratitude and Meditation

Not syaing we all have to worship a certain way, however it is so important to maintain a positive mindset during isolation. Motivation usually starts with gratitude and taking the time to remember life

isn't all bad. Starting with a list of 5 and then expanding, name people, places, or things in life of which you are grateful every day as many times as needed. Find time to tune out the media and center self, filitering out thoughts that were not self originated. Meditation is a beautiful way to remove negative energy and maintain inner peace.

Lastly, Utilize site privileges and learn more about health and wellness. This time is going to be productive and revolutionary for us all!

So much love.

Stay Strong.

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