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Are You What You Eat?

Interestingly, as a personal trainer I deal with nutrition struggles with clients more than we focus on the work outs. I imagine that's because I am already helping them to fulfill their activity requirement for the day and the rest of the day the looming gray cloud that is food hangs over their head. Why is nutrition so hard for us?

Well we have to first think of where it is we live. The United States is in the top 25 countries for obesity, no we aren't number one, however we are probably the largest demographic on the list. Firstly we have access to food at all times of the day. From all night diners to delivery until 2 am. Even with the convenient options for take out and dining in, we still have grocery stores that manage to carry every food even when some aren't in season.

Access to to much coupled by low activity occupations and it's easy to understand that 39% of our population is obese. That's not including those who are overweight. How can that number be lower? Americans are going to have to consider their dietary habits and start realizing they are what they eat.

This was something I grasped when I started my journey to gain weight. Many would think that my diet was open to whatever it was I wanted to eat, however that was not the case. I had to adjust my diet much like someone trying to lose weight. That means I had to eat for nutrition not satiety, I had to eat at set periods of time and I could not skip a meal.

Rather than the burger and fries many Americans stop in the drive through line after work for. I had to adjust and eat ground turkey or chicken patties with sweet potatoes and down a bag of kale. I had to eat frequently even when I wasn't hungry. I was able to rationalize this however because of the intensity of my work outs. I had to eat to lift, eat to do, eat to live. Soon, I was what I ate, healthy lean and nutritious.

Adjustments don't have to be drastic, but they do have to be made: here are some tips on how you can eat healthy regularly without hassle:

1. Clean and separate all produce when you bring it home from the store

the goal is to make them "grab-and-go" snacks or salads that require little time to prep

2. Track what you eat with a journal or diary

By recording calories as well as what it is you are eating, soon there will be a guide to what it is you like to eat and how many calories you get from them for less stress on meals to eat

3. When in doubt pack

Not sure if that new restaurant is going to have options that fit your new diet? Bring something along to eat with an appetizer or drink. If the restaurant gives you a funk, kindly let them know their menu options are limited.

4. Be that person

Going hand and hand with #3, order your food how you want it prepared. No added salt or dressing on the side is easy for the cooks and the server to remember. If they don't, looks like your meal is free.

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