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Apparel Spotlight: Pineapple Clothing

Looking to invest in your new active lifestyle? Look no further than Pineapple leggings.

Pineapple, you say? Are we in the tropics?

Why yes, this clothing is made in Florida, here in the USA. Tropical is maybe relative to our mood, and the patterns and colors of these designs go a long way to support our creative energy.

If we can keep a sunny state of mind in the middle of cold, dark Western Pennsylvania, anyone can! When it comes to keeping our workout motivation strong, having a collection of clothes to grab—no matter what the weather is doing—can make all the difference.

Details. And that's what I love about Pineapple Clothing!

From floral prints to animal patterns, Pineapple has something fun for our many preferences, styles, and moods. Both long and capri-style leggings give us options for every season, pairing well with a variety of matching and solid sports bras, tanks, and other favorite workout tops.

I purchased their Bali Blue Lucy leggings from the floral activewear collection last year, and I love how comfortable and chic they feel! The no-seam high waist band is both modest and well-fitting. The fine weave makes them the softest, smoothest pair of leggings I own, a step up from cheap retail brands that might unravel after a few washes. A durable blend of polyester and spandex just requires laundering with delicates and hanging dry—easy.

When Pineapple approached me to be an ambassador for their products, they highlighted their high quality, eco-friendly manufacturing process. They work exclusively with Florida suppliers and make each garment by hand. I like that their designer has decades of experience in luxury fashion, and their products show attention to a variety of sizing needs!

Their Mommy and Me collection highlights girls clothing as well, inspiring us to include our kids in our active lifestyle and create beautiful memories together. Dresses and tops provide new ways to express our style beyond the everyday too, so we can focus on enjoying life outside of our workouts.

What inspires me most about Pineapple Clothing is how they celebrate ladies of all ages, shapes, and sizes. They want each customer to feel radiant, confident, and free, wherever we go!

I hope you'll check out their website at and message me if you'd like to take advantage of an extra discount!

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