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6 Ways to Keep That Date with Your Workout!

I want to start off with a poll!

Who here likes the pain of trying to stretch to a new point in that difficult yoga pose?

Raise your hands if you love the feeling of your heart bursting out of your chest during some intense cardio!

How many of us look forward to the burn on push up number 4 with 16 still to go on the first set?

For most folks, I'm sure none of that sounds like a good time. And honestly, it's not always fun for some of your favorite coaches, trainers and instructors either! When it came to my regularly scheduled group exercise classes, I knew that I had to show up every week for those specific days, and give the lovely members who attended a great workout. Also, it definitely helped that I got paid to do so! But when it comes to my personal workouts, I can fully admit that I sometimes find difficulty getting down to business. Over the years I've implemented most of the basic tips and tricks that many others have mentioned time and time again. So for all of us here at LegitFit, I figured it wouldn't hurt to mention some ways I get myself to get up and go exercise. I break them down into 6 steps: The Build Up, The Kick Off, The Process, The Finisher, The Cool Down and The Wrap Up.

The Build Up

This is where you mentally prepare yourself for a fun, gainful workout! Gas yourself up over the great work you're about to put in. That goal you set? You're closer to meeting it because of the work you're putting in today! Plan it out. Like Lish has mentioned in previous posts, writing down data for and from your workouts can be the key to seeing the growth you seek! For many of us, our life schedules are very predictable these days. Sign up for Core Recharge with Kristen as soon as the class is available, then put it in your calendar. The Build Up includes actions that make your workout basically inevitable!

The Kick Off

Stop what you're doing and warm up! Do some dynamic movements that let your body know it's time to work. Activate the muscles that are going to be the focus of your workout. Set your body up for success!

The Process

Focus, work hard, and be intentional about the exercises you're doing. Now that most of us are meeting our trainers through screens, it's easier to lose intensity. Get as active as you can during your virtual training sessions. Work as if your coach is in your living room with you. Practice the proper form from beginning to the very end, and use safe techniques throughout. Put on a playlist that gets you going at your hardest!

The Finisher

It would be so easy to leave virtual class early, or skip out on the last exercise planned for that day's workout. But then we'd be cheating ourselves out of arguably one of the best parts of the workout! This is the part where we finish every rep, set, and burn out round down to the very last movement. Success! We've completed another awesome workout, and feel pretty proud of ourselves for sticking it out!

The Cool Down

Take care of your body so that it's ready to work hard and meet some more goals next time! Foam roll, stretch, rest, ice, etc. Whatever combination works for you as long as the cool down happens. Try Guided Meditation with Lish if you have trouble skipping this step!

The Wrap Up

For me, this part usually sounds a little bit like the following, "That was tough, but pretty fun! I'm proud of myself for what I did and I'm looking forward to another great workout! Let me set about a dozen alarms for the next one right now. Because I can already feel myself getting ready to procrastinate, and my couch is a little too comfy sometimes."

See you at the next workout!

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