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4 Ways To Use Resistance Bands

Stuck at home or just not up for going to the gym today? Here are ways to be creative and efficient with your workout time, using only a mini resistance band!

You can purchase mini bands online and expect to spend less than $20 (check out our store in the future). It's a great accessory to have on hand for building both flexibility and strength!

  1. Kickbacks. You can stand facing a wall with the band around your ankles, or kneeling in a quadruped pose. Extend one leg back at a time, keeping your back and knee straight. Focus on engaging the glutes!

  2. Clamshells. These work your hip abductors or what we call the side booty. You can do these seated, or lay on your side with your knees bent. Place the band above your knees and slowly open and close the hips, keeping your ankles together.

  3. Squats. This is a great way to train your core to support your knee alignment. Stand with your feet a little wider than hip width, with the band above your knees. Slowly sit back into your squat, making sure your knees stay in line with your second and third toes. Stand up again and squeeze your glutes. It's harder than it sounds!

  4. Pull Aparts. You can do these standing with your arms overhead or stretched out in front of your chest. With the band around your wrists, slowly press outward on the band. This will work different parts of your shoulders, depending on the angle. Keep your neck relaxed.

Try two or three sets of 10 to 20 reps. Even a light band to start will have you feeling a good burn! Make it more challenging by using a medium or heavy band, and check out our Tutorials page for exercise videos!

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