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Stressed out? Here's why PT 2

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Now that there is an understanding that our thoughts are directly related to the energy we are exchanging it is time to understand how these thoughts need to be expressed in the physical realm. We can have great intentions and we can begin to utilize meditation to stop negative spirals in thought, however true relief from stress requires more than just redirecting the mind. We each are responsible for manifesting our positive thoughts into physical truths.

It probably sounds really spiritual or perhaps mystical the way this is worded. Yet, it is imperative to grasp hold to the truth that positivity is a tangible behavior. Meaning fruits of positive mindset can be obtained. Regimens are what usually are manifested through positive change in thought.

LegitFit LLC's definition of a regimen is a way of life or habits used for the restoration and promotion health.

For example, if running late is ruining your day to day mood, what are habits to implement to interrupt the negative pattern of running late?

1. Accept that there is indeed a problem. If we allow ourselves to rationalize that running late isn't the cause of a day full of stress, then we really are removing an opportunity to take control over that behavior. Regardless if the traffic is crazy, the bus driver was late, the Uber cancelled, we have to first realize we ourselves had the opportunity to be ready 30 minutes earlier.

2. Set a selfish intention on why the behavior needs to be changed. What could the habit of waking up earlier bring into our lives? What hobby has been put off or even self-care being sacrificed to get a few more minutes of sleep? Rather than focusing on the negative that waking up earlier will reduce the amount of sleep, focus on the positive and see that now there is room for meditation, breakfast, time to stretch, even work out.

3. Aggressively implement new regimen ideas. We can honor our decisions by following through with them. It doesn't mean that in planning a regimen we have to follow them strictly right away, however that is the goal. When we decide to make more room for ourselves we benefit 10 fold. Sticking to new regimens or attempting to bring them into a habit takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

3. A. Now while we aggressively implement regimen changes it is important to be gracious and honor ourselves for the change we made. Be sure to try each and every day, but express gratitude even if the regimen is getting up a few minutes earlier than usual.

4. Regimens truly help to set boundaries. Meal times, naps, self-care, work outs, budgeting, and cooking, all of these things are personal development tools. We need to set aside time for these activities as much as we do work or socialize. When we train our body to expect care or patterns of behavior, it cooperates with us in a way to achieve the desired outcome. Chemically our body will respond negatively to breaks in positive habits. If anyone is an empath, regimens are the sure fire way to conserve time spent with needy individuals.

5. When we program our bodies to engage in healthier habits, we tend to feel healthier. Not saying that change is easy, but it is worth it. The shock of withdrawal only lasts but a fortnight. Afterward, there is always opportunity for more growth. If we can wake up earlier, then we can cook even when we aren't hungry to prepare for the next day. We can fit in that extra 5 mins for a hobby so that we aren't as anxious from not having that release.

To be honest a regimen is the only way we can achieve success. While we can accept a gradual growth still the day to day work is the meat and potatoes of the journey. When the body works like clock work you won't believe the opportunity 24 hours in a day can bring.

Remove stress from your life and have a schedule for your body. Be ready to find exponential growth.

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