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Dealing with Naysayers

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

We have all experienced a back handed compliment, some form of body shaming, and even outright disrespect toward our personal fitness goals. Some people enjoy commenting on what others should do far more than affecting change in themselves. That's the reason why trolling on social media is so popular. There are things that we all have to realize when it comes to dealing with naysayers in our lives and especially what practices are best to handle them.

1. Positive change holds a mirror up to those unready to make the change.

There is never an ideal time to begin a fitness regimen only an ideal mindset. Whether you work 40 hours-80 hours a week or are a stay at home mom wrangling the kids and keeping the home environment tidy and safe, obstacles will continuously present themselves. That is why the attitude toward success must be there because if we possess the correct attitude we will do what is needed to fulfill our self-care. Some people just aren't there and will in an effort to make themselves feel better shame you or make you seem selfish for not allowing perceived obligations to stop your regimen. It really is the defeat that they see in their own life. It is the inability in that person to make he or she a priority. It is the intense desire to take control in his or her own life.

To combat this simply continue to do you. Be a model of someone who has it all. In reality we know we all suffer the same stress and inconveniences in life. However, we who have a regimen and awareness of self-care handle our stress much better.

2. Some folks just don't understand what fitness is about.

For those of us who have accomplished that weight loss goal and yet continue to exercise we certainly hear the phrases, "What else are you trying to lose?" or "Don't get too skinny." While these may seem a caring and cautious warnings from loved ones, it really comes from a misconception that working out is meant solely for weight loss. People are often obsessed with being the biggest loser, and because of this never truly get into a regimen for the right reasons. Crash diets that are incredibly restricting are not realistic and certainly hard to maintain long-term. Most people who focus on a regimen and diet to just lose weight will find that they will achieve that weight loss and then will gain back the weight plus 10 extra pounds.

To combat this educate and enroll people in your life about why you work out. Start out by explaining how much better you feel after a work out. Talk to them about overcoming constraints like hypertension, pre-diabetes, anxiety, depression, muscle soreness, and insomnia. Not only does this take the focus away from your weight, it draws attention to the connectivity of the body and how exercise can heal mind, body, and spirit.

3. People have different priorities in their life.

We all have that friend who is frugal. Perhaps this friend thinks that you spending money on a trainer or a private class is a waste of money. This person probably overworks themselves and takes few vacations let alone sick days in a year. We cannot deny what capitalism does to us all and how we seem to forever be in a rat race. Yet the chances are that people who spend an exuberant amount of time working and going straight home to sit will pay more in medical care costs than we will in gym fees, personal trainers, nutritionists, and group classes combined. Even those who believe that they are equipped to do it themselves and pay minimal gym fees run the risk of injury. In the end it is more expensive to cut corners.

To combat the person counting your dollars explain to them that you see the cost as preventative care. That you want to retire and still have youth to travel and live in your home long after it has been paid off. Or just flat out say, "I can afford it." What else is there left to say? Without the investment, chances are there will be little to no progress.

The biggest take away:

Stand your ground. a fitness regimen is a personal experience that should be cherished. Out of the 24 hours, the 30-90 mins we spend exercising set the tone for how we go throughout of day. We cannot pour from an empty cup, and so it is far more important to incorporate self-care than it is to succumb to someone else's poor attitude.

Our consistency will be a model and hopefully the joy that we get from our workout will inspire a naysayer to become a gym buddy.

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