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Flag Football

Date: May 6, 2022

Time: 1-6pm

Location: Woodland Hills High School 2550 Greensburg Pike 15218

Thank you for participating in our "Football for Poppy" event. Down below are the rules explained as well as the information about the donating structure. A follow-up call and email will be sent to you to clarify as well as a "Pledge Form" that you can send to those who will donate based on your score.

Be sure to solidify your donors prior to registration. We are requesting 4 emails for donors. They will donate based on registrant's performance during game day. 

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Rules and Regulations

Teams of 5 will play on that day. Register as an individual player or Team. On game day Players will be given a skirt with 2 flags attached each time they have to play. Players without teams will be sorted at random game day. Games will last 15 minutes.

Points are scored like this:

    a. Touchdowns player carries in

    b. Flags a player captures during game

    c. Progressing to final game

    d. Winning Team Bonus Point

Donor amount is based off final score multiplied by the players requested amount.

i.e. 12 Points X $10 pledge = $120 paid by each donor.

Businesses, please consider matching the money raised by your players.

Send others who want to register or donate to Please do not accept donation on behalf of this event. Donors will be contacted directly to retrieve funds. All players, teams, and donors will receive follow-up on players' scores 

Donors receive free admission on game day!

Fill in the form below and submit a donation to register.

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