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Letter from Lish

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Anything is Possible

I got into fitness because I always wanted to have thicker body. 

Every woman I thought was beautiful had thick hips, legs, and ample chests. I was built like a stick figure. After giving birth to two children, the worst thing happened... I lost weight. I was at one time 100 lbs at the height of 5'8". My self-esteem was low, and the way I viewed my body was quite poor.

That's when I found strength training. Before any change happened to my body, my mental wellness increased drastically. At the time I was a single mother of 2 children who worked 2 full-time jobs and multiple side hustles. I was taking care of family on top of my littles and I certainly was taxed. Something about that hour I was able to have to myself everyday made a true difference in my mood and self esteem. 

Fitness totally changed my life. It helped me to identify the issues that were holding me back. So many things had to be adjusted to get the body results that I wanted. Even though I was "skinny", I still had to completely change my diet, sleeping habits, programming, and lifestyle. The biggest lifestyle change I made was quitting all those jobs and deciding to become a fitness professional.

It was not easy. It's never easy. However; it was so worth it. I entered into a community where for the first time I had choice. Choice in the work outs, choice in the equipment, choice in the discipline, choice in my diet, choices that were so brand new to me. 

That type of freedom was unfounded for me. So much of what I did was out of obligation. First by doing what my family did as "tradition"felt like an obligation unless I wanted to suffer ridicule.  Secondly, I did things I thought I had to do because I was a mother. Not going to lie, I was dead inside. I was unhappy. I had no control over my life before I had control over my body.

When I started LegitFit LLC, my key goal was to have tribe. The body is the benefit, never the goal. While I have had success with my body transformation, building a business that is rooted in community is the true success. Making the change to leave traditional eating habits or moving the body in a way that is unfamiliar to your loved ones can create a whole mess of trouble. The adversity one has to face, simply for choosing to be different, is disheartening. People deserve to be supported for healthy choices.

So come be around people that get it! My community is full of success stories. It's full of high functioning individuals trying everyday to be their best selves. Being at the most optimal health will always empower a human to operate in their optimal purpose! I believe in you, do you?

Our Clients

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